Bitcoin & Crypto: a response to our critics. Wealth taxes: now is the time? We try to avoid it but it isn't possible not to talk about…Listen now (34 min) | And the latest economic news & Brexit.
Chris Johns I’ve resisted writing about the latest outpouring of news about Johnson’s latest lies, not-quite-apologies and all the other daily…
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Tax cutting budgets ahead?
America's next civil war: has it started? 10% of Londoners had Covid on New year's Eve. If hospitals fall over, blame the anti-vaxxers.Listen now (38 min) | Happy New Year
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A big Thank You to all our listeners and readers from Jim and Chris: we’ve had an amazing year at The Other Hand podcast. Always at or near the top of…
A Covid rant. Ireland is doing very well on a number of key metrics. Foreign investors like a lot about the countryListen now (40 min) | A Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year
Higher mortgage rates on the way? Blame Covid. Even we didn't see the 8.00pm evidence-free shutdown. It's their party and they all go when…Listen now (40 min) | Policy and evidence go their separate ways. Even monetary policy.
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